Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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She understands me better than anyone else. She has this way of cheering me up like no one else can do. Almost always, when I talk to her, I feel much better about life. Sarah is one of my best friends ever and I am so glad for her! I am so proud of my sister. I just want to show off her artwork all the time and tell people about her grades and try to explain to them how funny she is. But no one will ever understand how dear Sarah is to me! I am so thankful for every minute I get to spend with her.

Congratulations on only two more weeks until you graduate. I am so sorry I will miss your graduation! I really really wanted to come. But it is right in the middle of finals week. I will be praying for you these last two weeks! I love you and miss you!

Thanks for calling me tonight.
I miss you more that I can ever say.
I even cried about you when I got off the phone with you.
I'm getting really emotional. It is weird.

Isn't she beautiful!?!?!
I love this picture because my Dad is actually smiling/laughing!!


nepalfreak said...

Three cheers for Sarah!

I spent the longest amount of time with her on our trip to the Cape and I agree with you, she is wonderful, beautiful, funny and just a joy to be around.

Thanks for sharing her with me those few days.

Congrats also on your graduating! Maybe you can come out to Nepal and teach me a thing or two about accounting... Heh, I should be writing this on her blog!

Anna said...

hip, hip, hooray.
hip, hip, hooray.
hip, hip, hooray.

I took that picture. *smile*
I like it.

riverrat said...

I get this sense that Anna wants company:-)
Sarah is a beauty inside and out!(Even though she often plays the "devil's advocate")
On your post below: You are a facilitator-don't marry an alcoholic.