Friday, January 19, 2007

Sarah and I both went to Cape Cod for a reason. I wanted to listen to GT and the Halo Express tapes and Sarah wanted to drive the Mini Moke. The first day we were there, we looked in the attic for the GT tapes. We looked in every box and couldn't find them. Then we asked Mrs. Peipon and she confirmed that they were in Ukraine with her. So we decided to walk down and see the Mini Moke and drive it around. We looked in the garage and we found a mini van. It was rather disapointing. But the trip was great fun, even though we didn't get to see either of the things we came up for. We played dominos and made buckeyes. :) Woohoo.
But we posed for these pictures with the "Mini Moke" anyhow.
I heard a really weird noise while I was driving. I suppose I ran over Anna. But I didn't realize it.
Anna put her foot on Sarah's bumper while she talked to her.

And Sarah actually got to drive the Mini Moke down the road. Anna waved to her as she drives.

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ukrainiac said...

That mini-moke is some good looking fun-to-have-around vehicle. Every where you go people can't help but stop and stare. It is so distracting when you are driving. It is a must to keep your eyes on the road! Dr. P