Thursday, December 21, 2006

Updated Blogs:

* Luke and Sarah switched blogs last week, so you can read up on that. And just in case that wasn't enough excitement, Luke just posted a picture of Ben and Greg from long ago. It is pretty funny.
* Anna post pictures of Jared and I opening Christmas presents from my parents last time I was home. I think it was Friday night. Mom and Dad gave us all steam powered motor boats. You light a candle in them and then put them in the water and they putter all around. They are really awesome!!!
*The Toilet Paper Doll is amusing, if you haven't already seen it go NOW.
* Linnea posted that Hayley was coming home and that it was Hannah's Birthday.
*The Howards posted neat pictures.
*Mr. Howard said happy birthday to Pax.
*And SARAH MEADOWS POSTED!!!! She is out in Colorado getting snow and eating lots of good foods and enjoying family time.

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