Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Since I have one exam and two tests tomorrow, I thought I would update now for tomorrow's sake.

If you posted in December you have made it on this weeks updated list:
(this is really sad... I am disapointed in a lot of you!)

* Linnea has posted about some of her favorite Christmas movies.
* Dasha updated her blog. I really like this blog.
* Sienna and Kyrie have finals. Pray for them and offer encouragement.
* Mr. Howard is faithful to his blog.
* Brae posted a video.
* Mrs. Peipon has impressed me with her posting spree.
* Mrs. Wingard has updated her blog. I haven't read most of it yet. But Mr. Howard told me so. haha. So go read. Also, her husband has a blog, so you can go read that as well.
* Hannah updated with lots of pictures.
* And Rachel posted and I updated my links.


Anonymous said...

what the bloomin eck is up with rachel taylor's blog?! it's been blitzed for DAYS!!

i miss you rachel wherever you iz!!

Christmas Lights said...

Ha ha! I am here. I was having issues with my blog. It was deleting posts randomly and not showing them all. So I deleted it: Sweet revenge. Anyways, I now have a new and SHINY blog. {Oh, yes. I have conformed to Beta Blogger}

Damien said...

What's the consensus on Beta Blogger. Yes or No?
(I guess Faith's blog has become the Town Hall.)

faith said...

That's cool. More comments for me to read. :) Haha. Maybe I will rename my blog. I'll have to think about that.

Anonymous said...

Come home Faith.
I miss you.

"Come hooooome, come hoooooome..."

Did you see the pictures from the party?

faith said...

Yeah, what happened to my house?!?!? It looked amazing!!

Anonymous said...

blogger geta is now a good friend of mine. although, i seem unable to comment on certain blogs today. whether or not it's beta's fault, tbd.

Anonymous said...

I love my new camera.
I took a picture of your cat and put it on my new blog.

go look, go look. (;

faith said...

My cat is so cute! Thanks!