Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Please pray for Grandipop (Joe, Mr. Howard - whatever name he goes by to you, I call him all three, depending on the day or who I am talking to). He went to the hospital last night because he leg has been swollen and it is filled with fluid and is very painful. They ruled out a blood clot, but have no clue what is wrong. So, as of when I left for class today (about an hour ago), he was sitting on the couch doing the crossword puzzle. But he is in a lot of pain and can't keep pain medicine or food down. So, if you could all keep him in your prayers, I know he and Mary would appreciate it.

And I would like to once again say how much I love Mary. She is one of the sweetest women you will ever meet in your life!! I don't think she ever gets mad. She is great. I love staying with these dear people.

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Anonymous said...

for joe AND mary.