Friday, December 08, 2006

I thought I would let you all know that:

* Melanie Adams in going to Ukraine this summer and here is her blog to read her adventure.
* Sarah is finished school this semester.
* Hayley posted Scotland pictures. I don't know why see went there. I would like to hear the story, maybe I will when she comes home.
* Anna has a new blog.

And I think Albert Einstein was a genius.
I am studying quantum again in physics and it is blowing my brain all the different topics that he came up with. We just studied special relativity and E=mc^2. It is funny that people quote this formula becaue it is the rest energy... the real formula that we have to know for physics is E = (gamma) * m * c^2 (where gamma = sqrt (1/(1-(v^2/c^2)))). So just in case you were wondering what I have been thinking lately. I wonder if he has a biography. I am sure he does. I need to check the library over Christmas break and see if I can find any. I bet it would be a really interesting read because I can probably understand some of the stuff that he came up with. Some of it is really crazy, but it is amazing.

The neat thing is, that no matter how much we know, there is always more to know, and you really begin to see how wonderful and complex God is. If He created something this vast and beautiful, and we still can't explain it, how much more wonderful is he than our brains can imagine? That came out rather confusing... hmmmm. Anyhow, have you ever thought about the universe and how huge it is and how it seems to go on and on and on and on forever and we have never found the end of it. Do you ever wonder what is out there? And how beautiful it is that we don't just fall into the sun, but we orbit around it? And how we stay in the right orbit so that it isn't too hot or too cold for us? Once you get into the math behind all of these things, you start to marvel at the fact that they do work. It is amazing!!! The world is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Appreciate this wonderful creation! Praise its perfect creator!


Damien said...

I think it's interesting that the earth's shadow on the moon is exactly the size of the moon. This requires a precision of dimension and distance for the two spheres.

faith said...

Yep, God is amazing.