Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I have spent four Mondays, out of the last six, in four different places to sleep. Once in a bed, once on the floor, once on a futon, and once on a couch. I usually have all my stuff in the car ready for anything on Monday nights, but this week I had taken my stuff inside and so I had nothing!! No toothbrush, no soap, no pajamas, to change of cloths, no books for today, nothing but my contact solution and glasses (I normally always carry those). So I crashed on one of the girls couches and she lent me her sweatpants and a tshirt to sleep in. I didn't fall asleep until 2am, which is funny since I had gotten up at 5:30 that morning and normally would have been so tired. Then I woke up this morning at 6:30 when the sun started peaking through the windows. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning. I hope you all were up to see it. I love those colors and the way that light is scattered (we just learned about this in physics - I just had an exam on it yesterday. haha).

Anyhow, then I walked out of her apartment and grabbed a cup of coffee (I only drink coffee once in a while, but it was cold enough this morning and my eyes wouldn't stay open wide enough). Then I headed clear across campus (25 minutes) to my favorite engineering building and now I am sitting here reading the news and enough the peace and quiet. I still have to go back to the Howards and pick up my schoolbooks for today. KLast day of class today!!! I am so excited. Bring on the exams! My life is such an adventure. Praise God for his love, protection, and grace!!


Anonymous said...

hooray!! last day of class!!

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