Thursday, November 09, 2006

This will be my weekend post... I should be studying for one exam, that I knew about, and two that just popped in and surprised me. Professors are like the, full of surprises... Not surprises like Christmas surprises or a single flower handed to you by a close friend (I love single flowers... reminds me of Beauty and the Beast). But mean, nasty surprises, like finding out that Gollum is your long lost brother and is coming to live with you or something alone those lines.

In memory of my Cape Cod trip last week, here are two photos. The rest are coming... Either Anna or Sarah will post them or I will when I find some free time. Mini Moke pictures and more coming soon to a blog near you!


Dasha said...

you seem to be having a lot of fun on those pictures. it's great you were able to take a couple of days-off and visit the wonderful Cape. Been there once, loved it forever :)
All the blessings for your exams!

littlesarah said...

I would have expected a mechanical engineer to be able to count to three.

Christmas Lights said...

Hey Faith! Would you mind posting the schedule and stations for the college basketball games. I can't find them anywhere! Or do you have a website that has them?