Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shoot me now!
That was the worst exam on the history of the planet.
Worse, by far, then a Dr. McK three hour quantum exam.
WHY make a practice exam easy and then make the real on nothing like it?!?
I'll post more when I get out this class.

Oh partial credit to my Dad for coming up with SOS and SIS in my little word quiz in the last post. But still not correct answer... Mr. Howard asked how many letters it has... I'll say that it has an odd amount of letters not greater than seven or less than five. Haha.

So Jamie guessed the word,
so the answer is in the comments of my blog:
In case you still want to guess:

- Odd amount of letters
-Between 5 and 7
- Same upside down as it is right side up...

Figure it out! :)

Mrs. Taylor or anyone that was there.
I missed being there so much yesterday.
I almost cried a few times thinking about all the fun I was missing.
The Reformation Children's party is always one of my favorite holidays.
I love it.
I miss it.
I want to hear about it!!!
Thanks to Anna for a few pictures, but I want MORE!!!


Anna said...

sounds terrible.

Sue said...

it was wonderful but we missed you. Thank you, thank you to Mrs. T and Mrs. Fickensher(sp) and to Anna--the master obstacle course builder and Rachel the wonderful worker and support person! You all were awesome. And we missed you so much, Faith. And Sarah--she slept through it--poor exhausted Sarah!

Jamie said...


Anna said...

Hmm. Well. Blogger annoys me. It doesn't let me load pictures very easily.

Otherwise. I might comply.

I wish you had been there. I was slightly bored.

faith said...

Very Good.

Jamie said...

Was that the one? Are there more?

faith said...

that is the one, I thought of...
I guess there are more...