Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bella/John-it is you (I have loved)

This is dedicated to Hayley and Sarah.
Miss you both.
I've watched this at least 30 times this weekend.
No one else will appreciate this like you two. :)

I didn't say, no one else will appreciate this... I just said, no one else would appreciate it LIKE you two.
I meant it in the way that, I have watched it so many times with them that they would appreciate it in the same way that I would.
Yes, I knew that Mrs. Shelton, and Linnea, and Rachel, and Mrs. Taylor (to name a few) would appreciate this, but I was dedicating the post to Sarah and Hayley (two of my dear friends - who I miss terribly right now and can't wait to see). So, maybe that all makes sense. It wasn't meant as a slight to everyone else. I am sorry if it came off that way.


Christmas Lights said...

I'm sad that you think I don't appreciate this. I am very put out.

Cindy said...

well, having listened while that scene was played--rewound--played rewound, etc. many times at our house a while back-----I would have to say--Linnea will appreciate it too:) You Girls!!

Also the end of W and D--over and over and over and.......

btw--we miss you, faith

Anna said...

I have to admitt.
It's pretty sweet.

Very well put together.

Anonymous said...

oh, Faith! I quite enjoyed this! :-D

and, you should know I certianly appreciate this!

faith said...

Mrs. Shelton, I miss dinners at your house every Wednesday evening.

Linnea, I knew you would appreciate it too. I was just missing Hayley and Sarah and decided to dedicate a post to them. Maybe I'll dedicate a post to you again some day. Maybe on whatever day you choose as your wedding day. 07 07 07 is an awesome day to get married. I am sort of jealous that that is one of your choices. I think 11 11 11 would be the perfect day to get married. :)

Anonymous said...

good thing you edited your remarks.

or else....

i'd be sad.

faith said...

And Hannah... I knew she would appreciate it too. Haha.

Anonymous said...

ah, faith, don't be jealous. it WAS one of our choices. until we figured out a couple key people would not be able to attend. . and then suddenly. . it was like "who gives a flip when we get married. WE ARE JUST HAPPY TO BE EACHOTHEERSSSS!! YAYYY!!"

;-) hey, but YOU could get married o7 o7 o7

faith said...

I could, couldn't I !?!? Haha.
Heck, I am not ready at all to get married.