Monday, October 16, 2006

For all you who want to know:

* Jared posted
* Hannah posted mississippi pics!
* Mrs. Shelton posted
* Jamie updated
* Jack has a blog with a cute pic of Krue.
* Mr. Howard always updates, but in case you haven't read his awesome quotes in a while...
* Ben posted
* Hayley updated Friday
* Mrs. Taylor posted pics of the house!!!
* Meadows updated a week ago, but I just found it.
* Greg still hasn't posted again (leave him nasty comments) haha

Leave me a comment if you as well have updated and I'll update my list.
But I have an exam to study for and so I am going away from the computer now.


riverrat said...

Wow! Maybe you should run BLOGGER-terrific job!

faith said...

I'm thinking about a way that would reorder my links whenever someone updates... This MATLAB class has had me write a few codes for computers and now I want to write one that moves my links for me. So maybe someday when I have free time. But see that would be confusing to find people, but it would be helpful not to have to click down the links. Anyhow... I am thinking about it.

Sue said...

Thanks, Faith! I have so little time to spend on here that it helps SO much to just click and go on your site. Miss you and love you! SEE you soon?!

Sue said...

hope says hi[this is hope mom is leting me write this ]well bye

Sue said...

I updated. Pictures.

Anna said...

Ah. Well, xanga shows you who has posted and such such. (:
You don't need to reorder links because it does it for you.
But, that wouldn't be a challenge for you. So, heh...have at it. (:

faith said...

does it? Can I see the code? I'll need to change it a bit for blogger, but that would be much easier.

my word verification is: warm bed
Hah. It is raining outside and cold and I would like to be in my warm bed.

kyrie said...

thanks for the info. faith--i like how you do things

Anna said...

See the code? As in *gasp* I give you my password?!

e-mail me or something.
I may consider it. (:

all my word verifications are complete nonsense. Bleh.