Monday, September 04, 2006

My weekend has been really fun so far. I haven't done very much schoolwork and for that reason I probably won't come home that often. I don't like the driving either, but then again, Anna speaks at church next Sunday evening, so... I might have to come back home for that. We will see.

Yesterday Anna came over and had lunch with my family and then we went to Greg's SU soccer game (but he didn't play and the game was tied 1-1). While overtime was going on, I took Anna to the Brown's house for dinner and then I went back to the game to watch the last minute and then I stayed for the tailgate party. Woohoo, picnic food. We sat around and got eaten up by the bugs and talked. Hayley invited me down to the Taylors to spend the night so we went and got my stuff and then headed down to their houes. We watched parts of movies and went to bed around 11 becaues we are getting old. :) Now I am just hanging around waiting for the Labor Day picnic to start. YAY, for holidays and no school and no study sessions at 8 o'clock in the morning on monday mornings.

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