Thursday, September 14, 2006

It rained all day.
I have classes in three different places.
I had to run through the rain.
I was late for two classes.
Because I was late to one of my classes, I think I missed a question on a quiz that should have been a cinch. But we get to drop a quiz, I just wish I hadn't used up my drop on the first one. Grrrr.

But I get to play soccer in the rain tonight!!
And...the grace of our God is ever new.

I am determined to still enjoy school, even if I was a little wet today.


nepalfreak said...

You need a good rain coat or umbrella... if you don't have either of those let me know and one is in the mail. UNLESS you are coming home this weekend, then you will have it placed in your hands personally.

faith said...

I have a good umbrella. But I was running to class and so I didn't have time to take it out. It is rather hard to run with an umbrella. Haha. I was trying to make good time running from building to building. I don't have a raincoat. I have never seen the use in buying one, until now when all my classes are in different buildings. If you are serious about sending me one, you can either give it to Jared or my parents. My paretnts are coming up this weekend and Jared is coming up the next. Anyhow.