Monday, September 11, 2006

Have I said recently that I love it up here?!?
I already have three invitations to meals this week with different people.
What fun.

I miss all my friends and family back home, but I am enjoying my time up here too!

RUF Girls Bible Study tonight.
Dinner first.

P.S. Jared is singing at the Shorebirds tonight.
He says it will be the best ever. :)


nepalfreak said...

No one informed ME of this! Dang, next time Jared sings at the Shorebirds (or anywhere) let me know.

Sue said...

Yes, we were thinking the same thing! We didn't know either! I agree, DANG.

Sue said...

That's right! It was the 911 tribute thing. But we didn't know we knew someone there! Oh well. Anyway, first time I have had time to read any of your MD blogs--sounds great! So happy for you!! God is faithful and good, isn't he?

Sue said...

Oh, and LOVE YOU!!!!

KristenAnne said...

i'm glad you are having such a good time faith :) i am hoping to go there this year to visit people i know there... if i do ill give you a call :)

faith said...

I am sorry. I will pass the word on to Jared to let you all know.