Monday, September 11, 2006

I met up with three other people to go down to Chinatown. The one girl, Julia is great. She is a business major, who has a job as a photographer, and she does crew. So we talked the entire trip about things we like and places we had been. She has even been to PEI. How cool is that?!?
I love riding the metro, so it was a totally awesome trip and we got down there and the International Spy Museum is right accross the street from Chinatown. I was thinking, "Man, I really want to go there, but being in DC is really sweet too, so I won't complain. " So we had dinner and it was totally refreshing to be able to sit around a table in public and discuss the things of God. It is so dry around campus. There is no one to talk to or listen to about spiritual things, especially in engineering. So that was awesome. The food was pretty good. I ordered General Taes Pork, but I ended up with Shredded Pork (which is not spicy at all, I wanted spicy! So I dumped all sorts of hot pepers into the dish and then it good to eat). I ate so much just because we were sitting there talking and I kept eating.
Then we walked around the city at night. Okay, I have to say that DC is gorgeous at night! BEAUTIFUL!! Everything is lit up so nicely and the stone buildings all just sort of glow. It is nice. Wow, I could wander around there for months and not get bored. We walked past the Spy Museum and one of the guys was saying how neat it was and I was still thinking, "Man, I have to go there some day!!!" We also walked down to see the Capitol and some amazing Art Museums garden. Great stuff. But we had to leave around 10:00 so that we didn't get back too late. When we got back, I dropped Julia off (well first we found out that you aren't allowed out of the parking garage without a smartpass (this little card that you have to buy inside the station). So we had to park the car again and run back into the station and buy this card, so that we could escape the parking garage. It was all rather amusing and we had a good laugh about it).

Jared came up to visit. We ate breakfast with the Howards and then Mrs. Howard dropped us off at the Metro Station. I had told Jared not to tell me what he had planned, so that it would be a surpirse. So we started talking while we were on the Metro and I wasn't really paying attention, I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I had decided to be happy whereever we went, plus we were at least going to DC, which is totally awesome in itself. Anyhow, so we get to the Chinatown exit and Jared says, "We are getting off here." Now, I know that there is only one Museum that is even worth getting off at the Chinatown exit for. But I tell myself, no we aren't going there. And we crossed the street and walked right up to the International Spy Museum. WOW WOW WOW. I was so excited I couldn't hide how happy I was. My face broke into this huge smile and I couldn't stop smiling. It was so much fun. There were so many neat things in the Spy Museum.
*You get to crawl through a big air conditioning duct in one park
*You take on a code name
*There is a Prisoner and Secret Agent display and they sell the DVDs in the bookstore
*There is a phonebook to stand in and listen to messages (Sarah this is what I really wanted to tell you and I forgot. You would have so much fun standing in there and pertending that you were Clark Gable or something. That is all I could think about when I climbed in. It is really awesome).
*One room is a simulation of an atomic bomb. They countdown and then the room shakes and lights up like a bomb has just gone off.
and so much more...

Then we went to lunch at the Old Ebbitt Grill. If you are ever in DC and want to have lunch, find this place. It is amazing. The hostess thought it was adorable when Jared pulled out my chair for me. The food is delicious! The place is beautiful. Wow. Thank you, Jared. Jared decided to start out year anniversary celebration two weeks early. Haha. Next Saturday we are going with My parents and Luke to MARS. That should be neat. :)

I want a phone booth. :)

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