Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First, thanks and praise be to God for keeping me safe on my trip back to College Park this morning. It was crazy raining the whole trip and now it isn't raining barely at all. It is great. Wha a blessing. I still need to find a good umbrella. Actually, I found one, but I didn't buy it and now I am regretting it. So I asked dear Jared if he would go buy it for me and bring it up to me when he comes to visit. I am not a member of Sam's club or I might consider going and getting it myself.
Second, let me thank the Taylors for inviting us all down to the Labor Day picnic! Woohoo Taylors and good food. I had such a great time at your house. I always do. This time was just as fun. Thank you for letting me spend the night and hang around all day. What fun. Have fun in England Hayley, I can't believe I won't see you until Christmas. How weird. Love you! Stay safe! I'll be praying for you. Update your blog or write to me!!!
And, thanks to my family for all their help this week. I love you all too. See you at MARS!
Last, THANK YOU to Jared for going boating with me yesterday. I know you don't enjoy boating like me. Thank you for giving up your time to make me happy.

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riverrat said...

It was a good day, Lord! Rest from our labors:-) (except when shoveling food into our mouths)