Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dear God and Father,
We thank you for your infinite goodness and love to us.
You continually keep us in your word, in faith, and in prayer.
Yet we still fail to walk before you in humility and trust.
We are often proud of our own wisdom, righteousness, skill and strength
and we frget to rely on your power alone.
But you are strong when we are weak
and through our weakness you win daily and gain the victory.
Write into our hearts, by your Holy Spirit,
whatever is abundantly found in your Scripture.
Let us constantly keep it in mind,
and permit it to become far more precious than our own life
and all else that we cherish on earth.
Help us to live and act accordingly.
To you be praise and thanks in eternity.
-Martin Luther
Oh, and I walked into church today. I decided to try this PCA church about twenty minutes away from where I live. So I walk in and I am sitting down and in walks Christy Anderson and then I see Rob and Tori and their two kids and the Anderson Parents and the Grandparents. And I was shocked. It was really funny. So I got to see people that I knew. Other then that, it is rather blah around here. I have a really big exam tomorrow and I am sort of letting that make my life miserable. I also have a ton of homework to do. So blogging is at the bottom of my list. If you have written to me. Thank you. I am working on writing back. I really have trying to find time for writing letters, but homework is really crazy right now. Hopefully it will calm down a little bit in the near future.
Love you all.
Miss you all.


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riverrat said...

Praying for you and we miss you too!

Anonymous said...

praying for you.
miss you.
exams always hated me.