Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well now, the gangs all here. I spent the last half hour talking to Chris, who I used to go to school with back at SU. We don't have any of the same classes, but it was nice to see a face that I knew and someone that would talk to me.

I thought I would update you all on my comings and goings. My friday class has been cancelled, so that means...
I am coming home

Hope you all are ready for that. Haha.
I would go to choir, but I think I will be coming home after that. My last class ends at five, so I won't be back to Salisbury until around 8. We'll see.

My circuits class doesn't seem like it will be that bad. I normally would be in lab today at this time, but since it is the first day of class and we didn't learn anything new, he saw no point to lab. Exciting, yes? MATLAB also doesn't seem to be that difficult. We are allowed to come to lab on Fridays if we want, except this Friday when it is cancelled. I really like the professor. He is really funny and likeable. I don't know what else to say about him, he loses his place and forgets where he was. He has gray curly hair, I mean like really really curly hair. So, I have physics in a little while and that should be interesting, since I have already had this class. Funny that I have to take it again, but a nice boost to my GPA. :) YAY. There is already homework posted on the class website, but I can't get into it, so I have to email the professor already. Tomorrow I have my first Stats class. That should be fun. I am thinking that it will be the hardest class I have this semester. But that is cool. If it is the only class that I don't really like, I won't mind it.


littlesarah said...

Wow. That's like, tomorrow.

wifey singer said...


feel free to stop by on your way into "town"


nepalfreak said...

Make sure you give Haley a call and tell her to move on out. :)

Sue said...

That was quite an adventure with the car last night. Will we be seeing a post on it? And just wondering, should it be called to the attention of campus police that the call box did not work? Perhaps they are unaware....I did see a feedback place on the website when we were searching for a working phone number! Anyway, drive safely and we are looking forward to your return! Love you!