Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tuesday Afternoon/Evening

I took yet another wrong turn on the way back from College Park and started heading South on 1 instead of heading North towards the Beltway. I will learn someday. Thanks to my father being so patient to stay on the phone with me all the time while I tried to figure things out. Like I said, I won’t be taking my computer to school except on Tuesdays and Fridays so unless I find a computer lab, this entry won’t get posted until Friday and by then it will be quite long. I need to stop in and ask about a computer lab and what ones I am allowed to use. I should have done that today. Oh well. There is always time.

It is raining right now. It is really nice. I came back from the Safeway just in time not to get soaked. I am hungry. I need to eat something good for me. I might go try one of the new lemon chiffon yogurts I bought today. I felt way too old today, going places without anyone to watch out for me. I signed up for a Safeway card and bought groceries. I have bought groceries before, but for my family and not just for myself. It was a really odd feeling. Somehow I still ended up with the family size box of Goldfish and Dark Chocolate Raisets (they were both on sale and I need some sugar and junk food!). I saved almost twelve dollars today. Isn’t that exciting? Life was buy one get one free, so I had to buy two boxes and Frosted Mini Wheats were half off. What fun. That should last me a few weeks. I am seriously missing being able to go online whenever I wanted. I’ll get used to it, but it is really weird not to be able to check my mail every day.

Oh and I forgot all my cds. I didn’t really forget them, but I left them behind thinking that I had all the ones I wanted loaded onto my computer. Well, I forgot that the car has a cd player. I did remember to bring my John Piper CDs so I’ll just listen to them until I go home this weekend and pick up a few others favorites. I’ll probably write more tonight.

Tuesday Night
Tonight has been very relaxing. I am feeling more and more at home each day. Mrs. Howard let me help with dinner tonight. I got to shuck corn, grate corn, and set the table. Then I got to wash dishes after dinner. I am slowly learning where everything goes and how to do everything. It is a grand adventure. I was telling them all about Jared tonight and how great he is! I really like that kid. It is rare that I don’t already have an audience that knows about Jared, like anyone that reads my blog, you all know about Jared and you are probably skimming this paragraph and rolling your eyes. Haha. I don’t blame you. I can’t wait for Jared to come up and meet the Howards. I think it will be really fun when he visits and we all get to sit down for dinner together. They said they might make him sing for his dinner. Haha, poor Jared. I guess he might not eat that night. He gave me our National Anthem on CD, but it is in QuickTime format and I haven’t downloaded it to my computer yet. I will do that this weekend when I go home and then I can watch Jared sing our National Anthem and the Lord’s Prayer. Classes start tomorrow. I don’t know how much I will sleep tonight. Blessed be the name of the Lord for this wonderful opportunity!