Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Three more rules that I forgot about:
* No calling Mom and Dad
* No Biting the Couch!!
* No Panama

I'm not sure how the last two made it on the list, but they are on there and no I don't understand why. Just enjoy the randomness.


KristenAnne said...

love the rules faith! i have to tell matt not to bite the couch all the time...

riverrat said...

I'd like to do a "Panama" on our six boats!

Cindy said...

okay--Suzanne--You have 6 boats!!!???--and what is a panama--

I lived in Panama, NY for a while and went to Panama Central School for 6 years--Panama Panthers--yea yea yea!

And I have heard of Panama hats.

And the Panama Canal

faith said...

I know Krissy, it is hard to keep siblings from biting the couch sometimes. Press on though!

Panama? I know my siblings told me something about pirates or boats or something, but I am not sure. Mrs. Taylor?