Friday, August 18, 2006

So last night I went with Jared to Ocean City to help campain for Bonnie Luna. They were having a gathering at Palmer Gillis's bayfront home and the governor was coming. I didn't have time to eat dinner anywhere because as soon as I left work I had to go meet Jared at his house. I stopped long enough to get a large Cheesesteak at Red Door because I thought, Jared always drives, why would tonight be any different. Well, I get to his house and Linnea had asked to use the car and so here I am with a delicious cheesesteak waiting to be eaten, but I have to drive and I am wearing a white skirt. Hmmm, so I ask Jared to grab me an apron and I stick that on and lay my half of the sub on my lap. And somewhere on 90 I finally finished it. Do you know how hard it is to eat a sub when you are driving. Yeah, tell me about it. I would not recommend doing this anytime soon unless you have an experienced co-pilot that is willing to grab the wheel while take a bite to eat. I love life.

When we got there we could either drive people to the house from the parking lot or hold signs to say where to turn. I'd had enough driving for the day so we got to hold signs out on Ocean Highway telling people where to turn. It was a very interesting experience. We stood out there for about an hour holding signs and smiling and waving at people and Jared answered a few questions from people.

Then we were allowed to go into the party at Mr. Gillis's nice little house. He had a huge house, a guest house, and a open bar and grill little house and a nice little yard in between the three of them. I so wish I had a camera. It would have made some great pictures. *this post has been edited*

I think life would be extremely boring if you could have everything you wanted. I mean, I would be entertained for a while when I first got what I wanted, but then I would soon tire of that and want something else or more of what I had or the next best thing. This is not to say that I don't like money, I am just becoming more and more thankful that God doesn't give us everything we want. He gives us what we need when we need it and if he hasn't given it to us, then we don't need it. Now how can I ever be not satisfied knowing that? And yet I am, time and time again. God save me from myself.


wifey singer said...

oh my! i know palmer and angie gillis! well, i am well acquainted i should say. i met them through my old job, we held a golf tourny and they were really involved. also, i scheduled the appt to have their windows cleaned for this Bonnie Luna hoo hah! funny huh!

wifey singer said...

you are such a racial profiler.

riverrat said...

Ha! As a rich white woman(on paper at least) I'd like to know where my tan and manicured nails are?! (I won't say anything about the dyed hair and alcohol).
Point is taken, my dear.( You forgot to add that these were rich,white REPUBLICAN woman-there is a distinction there).

faith said...

You are a rare and blessed exception! And I love you, Mrs. Taylor. I forgot I had a rich white woman in my audience. I apoligize if I have offened you. I was just writing down some thoughts about the evening.

Woohoo. Now I have been in both Gillis and Gilkersons yards. Haha.

faith said...

yes, Hannah. That is funny... hmmmm.

my word verification: box tn
What a box of tennesse? :)

riverrat said...

No offense taken 'cuz I've made these same observations:-)
Hope you and J.can explore Nanticoke fully sometime soon and stop in.