Thursday, August 31, 2006

Okay, here is last night's post. It was a merry little adventure. Today I was freezing when I arrived and campus and was regretting not having a jacket of some sort. But then I jogged up to the Student Union (which is up a hill) and bought two new books and some graph paper (so exciting!). Then I walked down the hill (about ten minutes) and over to the Armory ot find one of my classes. Then I timed how long it was from that classroom to my physics lab (which is one the third floor of the Physics building). Ah, yes. It is about a ten minute walk or a six minute jog. When I got to my physics lab, it was canceled and so I came down to the Engineering building to update up all on my day. Woohoo. Exciting isn't it?!? I am totally LOVE this campus. It is beautiful and I love exploring it and finding new ways to take to other classes and discovering the shortcuts and such. Great fun. The driving is becoming easier, but it is still a little unnerving.

Wednesday Night

Today was an adventure. I left my last class of the day (which happened to have the funniest professor I have ever had, but he was a substitute. Yes, a substitute professor on the first day of class. How odd) and walked through the rain over to a computer lab to wait for the rain to slow down or stop. I started doing some of my homework and reading some physics, boring stuff like that. The rain slows down and I head out to my car. After walking ten minutes I reach my car and I stick the key in the trunk lid to open it (if anyone knows, my car only opens from the trunk or from the side passenger door, the drivers side door lock is broken) and I don’t here the locks pop up. So I sit there and play with it for a while and the only think I can get to unlock is the trunk. So I play with the passenger side door for a while and still it won’t open. So here I am, standing in the rain in a parking lot around 6:00, on the edge of campus. I call Dad. He doesn’t answer. I call Mom. She tells me that Dad is in class, but she’ll call the college. She does and calls me back and tells me to wait around because some person was going to get Dad from his class and tell him to call me (let me interject here how wonderful it is that he doesn’t work at a huge university and that when they say that are going to go get him, they go get him and he comes almost right away, unlike some college campuses, where you have to wait around...). Dad calls around 6:30 and I explain the situation to him and he tells me the secret of the BMW passenger doors (they open if you do the right tricks even when the power locks aren’t working). Thanks to Dad I am able to climb into my car. Dad told me to try the keep and that is when it hits me, it wasn’t just my doors that were dead, it was the entire car. I had left my lights on. AH! Big city driving is going to be the death of me.

At least now I could sit in the car instead of out in the rain. So I call Mom and ask her to look up Public Safety’s number or the Information Desk’s number. She goes online and calls me back with the information desk’s number. So I call. No answer. It is a fax machine and it starts buzzing in my ear. I call Mom back and she has found a different number on the website. I call it. After waiting on hold for ten minutes I tell them my problem and I am forwarded to a voicemail of some guy that works in the Department of Public Safety. I sigh. And I leave a voicemail, “Hey, I’m stuck in parking lot 11c. I just needed a jump start and the information desk forwarded me to you. If you get this message in the next couple hours I may still be here. Thanks.” I thought he would enjoy hearing how messed up the University’s phone system is. I start to get a little annoyed around this time because it is 7:00 and I need dinner and it is raining and no one seems to be able to help me. Then I started thinking about all the blessings I had and how great it was that this wasn’t a really emergency where I was bleeding to death or something. Thinking about all that God has blessed me with really cheered me right up.

Around this time I was like, alright there is one of those emergency blue telephone pole things that sit in big parking lots and you are supposed to be able to go call for help on those. After an hour of trying to reach them on the phone I figured, it is now an emergency. So I walk over to the blue pole and push “call”. Nothing happens. I push the operator button. Still, nothing happens. Finally I give in and push the emergency button. Nothing happens. I push it like five or six times out of frustration. This is becoming silly. Nothing happens, no one comes, no one seems to care. I call Jared to see if he could find the number on the website. He doesn’t answer. I start calling people I know at College Park. No one is answering their phones. I call Matt knowing that he lives right across the road from my parking lot and he would have jumper cables. He doesn’t answer. I call Mom back and walk her through what websites to go to to where I might think that a Department of Transportation and Safety might be. I love our dial-up connection. Woohoo, wait for that speed. About this time I was laughing because I could have walked over to Public Safety faster than all of this technology. Somewhere around this time I called the Transportations number that is listed on the bus stop near my parking lot (right next to the blue emergency phone that didn’t work). Yeah, the girl I got there didn’t know anything either. She forwarded me to maintenance or something. Mom finds the number around 7:30 and I call for a jump start. Fifteen minute later they show up and jump start my car and I thank them several times. The guy that actually started my car was hilarious because he was like, “Wow, this made my night, I never thought I would get to jump start a BMW.” Haha.

So then I made it back to the Howards around 8:15 and ate dinner and talked to Dad and Sarah and now I am going to go to sleep so that I can get up tomorrow and do all the things that I have to do before I leave for home this weekend. I’ll post this as soon as I can tomorrow, so you all can enjoy reading the adventures of Faith. They keep getting better and better. What an exciting life I lead up here in the big city. Two things I learned today: 1. Program the Safety People’s phone number into your phone and 2. Those Blue telephone boxes you see in dark, scary parking lots that are supposed to make you feel better, they don’t work and no one answers or comes if you are in trouble. Haha.

God is good.
Praise His name forever.
I am so glad it wasn’t pouring down rain while I was outside.
Then I might now be able to laugh as much at the situation.
It is pretty funny now.
I wasn’t late for a class. I didn’t get hurt.
I just had to sit around for a while.
There is nothing wrong with just sitting and thinking about the blessings of God. Take some time to do it this week, before God puts you in a situation that you’ll have to stop and take some time to think.
See you soon.


Jeanne said...

Wow, what a life in the big city! You'll have to ask Jamie about the Ukrainian police, now that he has a car :)

Sue said...

Like I said, maybe someone should tell them about those little blue boxes not working....

wifey singer said...

curse be those dangged SAFETY phones!!!!!!!!! arghhhh! praise the lord for helpful people.

faith said...

home again home again, jiggity jig

riverrat said...

Get jumper cables.
Ukranian police?

faith said...

yeah, what is this with the Ukrainian police?