Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jared sang at the Shorebirds last night. I am so proud of him! It is really exciting and a great honor to get to tag along ad go out on the field with him and take pictures and videos. My family, the Singers, and the Perkins came. Jared and I left in the middle to get Rita's and came back. When we came back a baseball bounced right up to us in the parking lot. It was pretty funny because one of the guys Jared works with asked him to catch him a baseball. Hope was rather disapointed that we couldn't give her the baseball.
I spent the first part of the day packing and shopping for stuff. I went to Walmart three different times (it is a sin to have to go to Walmart that many times). Then Dad bought us subs and pizza for a late lunch/early dinner and we left for the game.
Today I figured out how to hang up all my skirts (normally I just throw them over the ladder in my room that goes up to my loft), packed my sweatshirts and undershirts, reorganized a few of my bins so I could fit more in them, cleaned the inside and outside of Dad's car and now I am about to play soccer Mom and take Hope to her first soccer game at the Complex. It is at two if anyone wants to come over and visit me.

Thanks to Hannah for going shopping with me on Thursday! It was so nice to relax with a good friend and pick up some good deals.


wifey singer said...

congratulations to faith and jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eleven months!!

wifey singer said...

MISS YOU!!! now i have no faith.

Jared said...

Ha. Faith, you're so sweet. Now I'm going to call you!

riverrat said...

Blog often so we know if there is life on the otherside of the Bay!

faith said...

Jared commented. Wow! He makes me smile. Well, so do the rest of you. But, there is just something about Jared that makes me smile a bit more than everyone else. I am sorry. That is just how it is. I hope you understand that I still love you all dearly. :) I do.