Thursday, August 10, 2006

It is a beautiful thing that Arby's has Orange Cream shakes all the time now!!!

Of course, I did have to buy a milkshake the day it was colder outside.
Now I am cold.
I mean, I am actually shaking at my desk.


KristenAnne said...

im glad you are posting again! i know its only been 2 days but im used to having you post so much more haha i look forward to reading them :)

faith said...

ha, thanks Krissy. I appreciate your kind words. It is nice to be missed. I miss everyones posts! It will be fun once school starts and you all have stuff to talk about again. Anyhow, Mrs. Taylor told me to slow down so she could catch up. Plus, I really haven't had much to say. I'll try to think of something exciting to write about tomorrow. Maybe an alien will land in my field tonight and I'll get pictures. :)

Anna said...

an alien.

would you like me to take pictures?
nevermind...I think I'll be hiding.

faith said...

actually, yes, could you, please? I don't have a camera.

Damien said...

I thought I'd be a little strange and actually tie my comment to the subject of your post. Years ago Arby's had Black Cow (root beer) shakes all the time. I miss that. Ever had one?

faith said...

No, I haven't. Did they taste like a root beer float? That would be pretty good.