Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I stole this from Anna. Look how wrinkled my shirt is!!!
We do NOT look alike. Our faces are shaped differently and so are our eyes.
I love my sister!
She's a cool bean, even though she steals my stuff sometimes.


Anna said...

ah yes, "I stole this from Anna."

then later on..."She's a cool bean even though she steals my stuff sometimes."

Haha...just pointing out that we'll alike in that matter occasionally. *cough cough*

haha. Love you too. :D

faith said...

haha, we do steal things from each other, but I only steal photos. You steal clothes and cds and my camera(and then break them *cough cough* camera, enya cd). I have to steal photos now because my camera is dead.
I love you too. Thanks for letting me steal your pictures.

nepalfreak said...

Maybe it's when people see you from behind? Same curly, dark hair?

I used to tell people the same thing about Jeanne and myself... and it was true before, but now I'm not so sure it would hold up in a court!

Younger sisters must inherit some sort of 'stealing gene' as it went the same in the Peipon household. Maybe it's just older sisters are so cool that the younger ones feel the need to bask in our coolness without permission sometimes.

Yeah, 4.30am doesn't allow for well, thought through writing but DOES allow for randomness. Meh.