Monday, August 07, 2006

I NEED this shirt (but in green)!
Oh my word, this is awesome.


Anna said...


hello. and how are you? I'm Anna, glad to meet you.

faith said...

That is rather hard. But I'll try...
There is this guy in quantum named Schrodinger and he came up with most of quantum mechanics and he then came up with this classic puzzle, a cat sealed in a lead box with a cyanide filled glass capsule is simultaneously dead and not dead...until you open the box and find out. So until you open the box the cat is both dead and alive. Thus things in quantum can be in more then one state because we simply do not know. They could be anywhere, so there is a probability of them being anywhere. It quantum there is a probability for everything happening.
Physics students get rather tired of hearing of this by the first week of class, but even more so by the end of the semester. So we all wish he was dead and then there are all sorts of other things that we wish were dead too.
I thought quantum was interesting though, I'd never want to major in it, but it was cool to learn. But this is still funny. I think it is even funnier knowing that only certain people would even get this shirt. Haha.