Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey! I am sitting in a computer lab that I have my second class in. But it isn't for another two and a half hours. So I am just enjoying more peace and quiet. I love computer labs for that reason. There are people in here (all guys, but that doesn't bother me anymore), but they are all here to use the computers without being bothered and there is no talking or eating and it is great. I wrote an entry last night, but I forgot to save it to my flash drive so you'll have to wait to read more of my adventures. Haha.

I have decided that I am not made for city driving. I am too nice to try to butt my way into a lane. Today I got off and exit and I had to cross two lanes of stopped traffic at a light to make it into the left turn lane so that I could turn at the light. It was madness. I felt like stopping right then and there and crying. I don't like having to ease my way into lanes and make people mad at you for getting in front of them. AHHHHHH!! I felt so sick when I woke up this morning. I didn't want to roll out of bed. Then I remembered something I had read on Mr. Howard's blog the day before, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.-Colossians 3:23" So I rolled out of bed, took my shower, ate some more of Mrs. Franklin's bread as I read my Bible, went downstairs and ate some cantaloupe and a yogurt (yogurt with splenda is gross... remind me not to buy that ever again). I packed my lunch and left the house by 7:55. I got to school around 8:10 and walked over here. I feel much more alive now. I just want to see some people that I know. I am so glad that three guys that I know will be in my class. Thank God for that. I need something that I am used to!!! Oh, and I explored for a while and found an even quicker way to my next class. So that is really good because I only have ten minutes between classes and don't want to be late. :)

I talked to Hayley for over half and hours last night because she answered the phone when I called my house. Yeah, she has taken over my room and is cleaning it. I was planning on doing that this weekend, so that Luke could stay in it whenever he wanted, but dear little Hayley is doing some of my cleaning for me. Bless her soul. I love Hayley! I should have thought that since Hayley spends so much time at our house she might take over my room when I left, but the thought didn't even dawn on my. Haha. I am glad someone is getting some use out of it.

Also read Hannah's post of Romans 12:1-3. A favorite of mine.


wifey singer said...

**ah! happiness for you**

~ok. yogurt with splenda ought to be banned.
~you canNOT be a nice driver in the city. you MUST be a pleasant one though. make sense?
~it's fabulous to have quietness whe you really need it! praise HIM!
~i bet you're super cute packing your lunch and walking on campus! haha!
hayley is a gem. what a delightful person to have look after your space(AND clean it!)
~i miss my friend
~GTH faith
hmm...word verification: pukerri

faith said...

I LOVE you!!! I miss you. I can't wait to see you. You don't know how happy I am when you post on comments on my blog. I feel so loved. :)
Haha, I love all your comments, they are so cute.
You make me happy.

littlesarah said...

Faith and Hannah are the blogging champions.

wifey singer said...

thansk sarah!!!
i am HONORED by your complement!
YOU are MY champion!!...

can't wait for the church cookbook

Sue said...

I like yogurt with splenda, thank you very much!

Jeanne said...

They make yogurt with spelnda???

faith said...

It was gross. I bought two different brands because they were both okay. The one was horrible and the second one was okay. I ate it this morning. It was lemon ciffron or something like that. Weirdness.