Monday, August 07, 2006

And we have lift off... I mean, a NEW COMPUTER!!!!
How exciting is that!?!?

And the arrow keys work on this one.
Jared is bringing me a wireless mouse tonight and then everything will be just dandy.


KristenAnne said...

new computers rock :) and so does a wireless mouse!

p.s. i love the pics you posted earlier :)

nepalfreak said...

Did you get a laptop? I'm looking to purchase a good, but not expensive one. If you have leads as to where one can be found, please share!

faith said...

Yes, I did. I would have gotten a desktop, but I need to be able to drag it around campus, so that doesn't work very well. I'd have to get one of those little carts from Sam's Club or Lowes or Home Depot and pull it around. Haha. That would be amusing, but what would I do in the rain or snow. It'd have to be covered... that would be even more amusing.

nepalfreak said...

Where'd you get yours from?

faith said...

circuit city, it was everything I was looking for at a cheaper price than I had seen other places and it had a 15'' widesceen screen instead of a 14'', which was a bonus. I searched around a bit until I found it.