Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This will be a random post.
Luke and I played Metal of Honor last night from after dinner until bedtime. That game is addicting. I normally don't like computer games, but this one is different. I singlehandedly won d-day last night. Haha. That was a little unrealistic.
Then Hayley came over to spend the night and we both went to bed because we worked the next morning. I like it when Hayley stops by. It makes me smile.
I found this great pair of awesome shoes yesterday while shopping for Mississippi, but the camera isn't working and I can't find a picture online of them, so you'll have to wait and see them in person. It is probably better that way anyhow.
Sarah and I are going blueberry picking later today!! I'm so excited. I have been wanting blueberries for a while and now I get to go pick some.


Anna said...

random is such a strange word.

and that was random.


faith said...

Well, I had nothing to say.

KristenAnne said...

I saw you picking blueberries!!! haha

faith said...

Haha. I saw you too. :)