Monday, July 31, 2006

So my parents left today for a few days.

Here is the dinner schedule for the week:
Monday - Chicken Pot Pie
Tuesday - Luke's Baked Chicken
Wednesday - Pizza or Stromboli or both
Thursday - Leftovers

Okay that is as far as we have planned so far.
Yeah, Luke cooks! Isn't it great?!?

For Lunch there is:
Fried Chicken
Chicken Salad

Come over and visit!
*cough cough* Hayley or Rachel.
And when you come bring Hayley's computer. :)


faith said...

I realize that the last two posts are about food. Yes, I am hungry.

Anna said...

me too. I'm hungry.
nothing new. heh heh.

I'll come visit. I love you guys.

faith said...

that's good. I like it when you visit.

KristenAnne said...

woo hoo party at faiths house!

and just so you know... reading your post made me hungry :)

Anna said...

Then, I'll be there.

nepalfreak said...

Yes, food is good. Your post has made me hungry. Since last night at my 'going away' dinner and they asked what my first meal in the States would be my mouth started watering at all the choices!

Fresh fruit you want all year round beats fresh fruit only in seasons any day!

faith said...

yeah, I can see that. I LOVE fruit. I live off fruit. It is so easy to slip in a backpack and eat during class. :)

wifey singer said...

well, i'll be over soon then!y'all are some discilpined little folks! way to go on the rules!