Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday, Tuesday, and the first half of Wednesday went about the same.
Each morning I woke up around 5:15, but stayed in bed until 5:50 or so and walked over to the bathroom, which was in the main building where we had our meetings and meals. I would walk over their, with my towel, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush, and bush my teeth and wash my face. I would wander back to the bunk house, where practically no one else was awake yet, and quietly slip out of my shorts and into my pants for the day. I would put on my boots and walk over to the main building to see who else was up. Some of the guys would be up, Mr. Conley, Mr. Conard, Luke, Jared, Josh, my dad... They'd be sitting around drinking coffee or looking over plans or running some change by Mr. Franklin. So we'd all sit there all tired eyed and hungry (I have never been so hungry for a whole week - I was starving all the time and I ate so much food). Around 6:30 they would let you start eating breakfast, oatmeal, grits, apples, sometimes bagels, sometimes English muffins, sometimes oranges, we had pancakes one morning. I'd finish breakfast around 7:00ish and talk to the few people that wandered in that early. I'd go fill my water jug up and grab my backpack and head out to the bus. We'd leave around 7:45 each morning and call roll and drive to the site. When we got to the site we would unload the bus and carry everything into the house or around in and start setting up the saws and water coolers and ladders. Mr. Ingersoll would arrive a bit later and give us job assignments if we hadn't finished our job from before.
Monday was a bit different then the other days because when we got to the house we were supposed to start by roofing the house. So we were in shock when we got there and the whole front didn't have rafters and we were missing some side walls and other little things that needed to be finished first. So Monday was a crazy day shuffling around and getting in the rhythm of how the week would go. I picked up trash for the first part of the day, traced rafters with Ryan, cut rafters with Chris, climbed rafters with Jared and Ryan, and other random jobs.
Tuesday was my favorite day because I got to work with Anna, Anna, and Luke building walls upstairs! Woohoo. I love building walls. Great fun. Although, it does get sort of confusing while working with two people with the same name. HA. I was forever saying Anna please do that, or Anna do this and then having to clarify. But it was fun and I was quite proud of my walls. :)
Everyday we had PB and J for lunch and sometimes they would throw in a pack of crackers or a bag of chips. I grew to love peanut butter and jelly, even when they were made the night before with apple jelly and creamy peanut butter and the jelly had all soaked through the bread and it was on white bread. It still tasted great. :)

Each night we would pack up and come back around 5 or 5:30 and wait in line for the shower. Then we would get in line for dinner around six. The first two nights I ate dinner at the camp. We had lasagna and some weird chicken stir-fry dish. Normally, I wouldn't have thought that either tasted good, but I was so hungry and they only let you have so much, that I enjoyed every bite that I took.
After dinner we would have a meeting and go over what had happened that day and how everyone was doing and what we had learned. Then it was off to play games, get ready for bed, and try to go to sleep in our submarine.

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