Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've been really looking forward to Mississippi because I knew the trip down and back up wasn't going to be that bad because I got to sit and talk to Steffy. I knew even if I didn't get to work with her, I would get to talk to her and night and unwind. And I also thought, this is a great opportunity to spend one last missions trip with her because she is moving away soon.
Well, I guess God wanted me completely out of my comfort zone because she calls me today and tells me that she can't come because her grandfather is dying and her parents want her home for the funeral next week. BAM! I know it is for the best, but it is hard to swallow. This pretty much changes everything I had planned. Good thing God's plans never fail. I am grateful that He has my life planned out and that His purposes triumph over all. I trust that His plans are better than anything I can imagine. I prayed to be challenged and to be able to trust Him more. Thank God for the opportunity to serve Him.

** Please pray for the whole team going down to Mississippi (we leave Saturday - there are about 50 or us from our church and 25 from Grace in Dover).
** Pray for humility and a servant attitude in me (you can pray for everyone else too).
** Please also pray for the Hornors as they get ready to plan a funeral and they deal with the lose of a father (and grandfather).
** And remember to praise God for His amazing plan for our lives. It is amazing to be able to trust that He knows what is going on and will work it out for the God of those who love Him. Glory be to His name.

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KristenAnne said...

i will definately be praying! i know you will have such an awesome time though. i want to see lots of pictures and hear stories :)