Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Going Away Stephanie Party
Saturday Afternoon 4:00
Dinner is at 6
Bring a SIDE or a dessert or BOTH
July 29, 2006
My House

If I fail to call you, RSVP to me anyhow.
We are going to try to start calling people tomorrow.
I may not get all of you.

PLEASE Come let Stef know how much you love her!!!

I'll let you know what you need to bring a bit later.
I just found out she is leaving Monday.


nepalfreak said...

Sorry I can't be there!

Please give Steph my love... where is she going?!?

Mackenzee said...

Aww. Stephanie. I love that girl. *sniff*

Anna said...

I'll be there..maybe.


Christmas Lights said...

Be there or be round {as Anna once put it}. I love that girl, too. Gosh, I'll miss her!