Monday, June 26, 2006

What an exciting soccer game.

Go Ukraine!

I thought I was going to miss the end of the game. I had been following it all day on my work computer and then I had to go home to bring my family dinner and I knew it would be over before I got to a television, but when I got home I decided to turn the television on and see who won. WOAH, the game was still on in its first overtime! How exciting, two overtimes and finally a nerve wrecking shotout. Well, not that nerve wrecking, since they won three to zero, but still shootouts are edge of your seat material. WOW!

Let me say again, I LOVE soccer!

Rachel Taylor made a good comment about how soccer makes you feel on my last post!
love soccer.


Anna said...

well, even though it sounds like bringing us dinner was such a hassle...I'm still glad you brought it.

And yes, soccer does rock.

nepalfreak said...

I woke up at 4.30am here and watched the last three take there shots in the shootout. Good times! Ukraine are definately the 'Cinderella story'of the tournament this year!