Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Not much to say...
VBS is this week in the evenings. I'm crowd control in Jared and Mrs. Walkers class. We have five boys and 12 girls in our class. But, it is fun. I like our schedule. We do the Bible lesson, crafts, games, snack. I don't think I would have picked any other order. I am thinking of taking Saturday off and refusing to do anything with anyone. I need to clean my room and start doing more homework for next semester. I'm thinking about that, I'll keep you posted.
It has been raining every day this week. It is still incredibly hot and muggy. Jared and I went to Ritas last night after VBS and met up with the Franklins and Sarah Meadows. We sat (or stood) around and laughed for quite a while. It reminded me that it is summer.

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