Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I won't be in the office tomorrow and probably not near a computer ( I sure hope not) because I someone is planning a surprise for me and they haven't told me what I am doing tomorrow yet. So, enjoy a day without my blogging.
When I come back I won't be a teenager anymore.
Scary right?!?

All cards and presents can be sent to my address which can be found in the church directory. :) Haha.


weregoinup said...

Hi, I appreciate your blog! I too am a christian blogger and I am excited to find other Christian bloggers. Happy Birthday and "keep fighting the good fight of faith".

By the way my Birthday is this week as well. Happy 20th birthday to you.


riverrat said...

Happy, happy day!

Damien said...

Birthy Hapday!

Mackenzee said...

Happy Birthday, Faithy :) Thank you for being my "sister chauffer" sooo many times :)

nepalfreak said...

Happy Birthday, and welcome to the twenties!

faith said...

thanks. You all make me smile.