Monday, June 19, 2006

Good morning! It is beautiful outside early in the morning. I like getting up early for my job because I get to enjoy the cool early morning before that oppressive heat and humidity appear.
This weekend was pretty exciting and fun.

Friday night - Hayley and Sarah and I went to a play by the Community Players called, Laughing Stock. I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while. I sat there for the first half of the play and laughed a few times. Nothing was too too funny. And there was a few crude jokes thrown in and I was considering why in the world I was even there. Then the second half of the play hit and I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard. See the play is about these people who do plays every year in this old run down barn in New Hampshire. And this year they are doing Charlie's Aunt, Dracul - Prince of the Undead, and Hamlet. And they start mixing up scenes and forgetting props and funny stuff like that. When the second half begins and they do almost the whole performance of Dracul and it is funny. Wow. It was very entertaining and thanks to Hayley coming over for dinner and inviting me to go!! Woohoo Hayley! I like how Hayley works less than a mile from my home and comes over to visit more now. :) YAY!

Saturday - Jared took me to Annapolis to tour the Naval Academy. Then we went out to eat at Red, Hot, and Blue. Then we stopped in at Tait BMW dealership and we looked around at the new M5. Wow, that car is gorgeous! WOW. After that we went and walked around the Annapolis Mall and watched Cars. What a cute movie. If you go, stay for the credits. :) Pixar has scored another adorable family movie. I enjoyed it and laughed quite a few times. Oh, and the short in front is hilarious too!

Sunday - I got to have lunch with Hannah Singer!!! :) And Matt Robins, Patrick Singer, and Jared. Where did we go? La Tolteca, of course! It was great to see Hannah again even for a short time. What a cute little wifey. I went home afterwards and started to read and then fell asleep in my book. I went back to church and heard an excellent sermon which I will try to write about tomorrow or later today. Probably tomorrow. I have a lot of work due today. And after all of that greatness, I came home and played Hugger Mugger with Luke, Anna, and Mom.

Don't you love Summer ? ! ?

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