Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Do you ever have one of those nights where you can't sleep because so many thoughts are racing around your head?!? And you don't even have time to settle anything because before you can think about it for too long another thought comes flying in. Yeah, that was me last night. I woke up once early in the night for maybe half and hour and then fell back asleep. But then I was up again later on for another hour and a half. Normally I can grab one thought and think of that until get so bored I drift off into sleep. But not last night. BAM BAM BAM. Thoughts were flying everywhere, in no order. Yeah, I'm a bit tired today.

Last night was a blast though. Steffy and I cooked a wonderful dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas. Then we watched Jeeves and Wooster and took a walk. After we got back from our walk we tried to dig up a tree stump. That was a blast!!! I am being serious. We were both covered from head to toe in dirt and we had sweat dripping down our faces and our shirts were drenched. But man, was it fun. We pulled and sawed and pushed and dug with out hands, shovels, saws, and crowbars. Stef and I make such great memories. Haha. Here's to many more adventures to come.


Anna said...

Well, I wasn't exactly in suspense as you related the tale. However, I am curious...did you manage to dig up the stump? You said you TRIED...does that mean you failed? *gasp*

Haha..sounds fun. *clinks glass*
to many more.

HAppy day before your birthday!

faith said...

Yes, we failed to get the whole thing out. But we haven't failed forever. There is always thursday night! We ran out of daylight last night. It is sort of hard to swing shovels and saw roots when there is no light. :)

Christmas Lights said...

I have those nights a lot. And you just want to scream 'Shut up mind! Just shut up!'
I think it's from to much caffine...or the lack of something to think about during the day.